Domain Modelling Language

Model the structure of your domain entities with a lightweight Java-like domain-specific language and FF automatically generates all the support code.

Strong Consistency

Use a Software Transactional Memory to provide Strict Serializability for Enterprise Applications.

Transparent Persistence

Application state is automatically transferred to/from the underlying storage system.



Here are some scientific publications related to research on the Fénix Framework. They are sorted by publication year.

  • Strongly Consistent Transactions for Enterprise Applications: Using Software Transactional Memory to Improve Consistency and Performance of Read-Dominated Workloads, Sérgio Miguel Fernandes, 2014, Ph.D. thesis, University of Lisbon

  • Strict Serializability is Harmless: A New Architecture for Enterprise Applications, Sérgio Miguel Fernandes, João Cachopo, 2011, SPLASH Wavefront 2011. PDF

  • Towards a simple programming model in Cloud Computing platforms, Jorge Martins, João Dias Pereira, Sérgio Miguel Fernandes, João Cachopo, 2011, IEEE Computer Society Press, IEEE First Symposium on Network Cloud Computing and Applications. PDF

  • Versioned Transactional Shared Memory for the FénixEDU Web Application, Nuno Carvalho, João Cachopo, Luís Rodrigues, António Rito Silva, 2008, Springer, 2nd Workshop on Dependable Distributed Data Management. PDF

  • Development of Rich Domain Models with Atomic Actions, João Cachopo, 2007, Instituto Superior Técnico/Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. PDF

  • Combining Software Transactional Memory with a Domain Modeling Language to Simplify Web Application Development, João Cachopo, António Rito Silva, 2006, ACM, Sixth International Conference on Web Engineering. PDF


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