Domain Modelling Language

Model the structure of your domain entities with a lightweight Java-like domain-specific language and FF automatically generates all the support code.

Strong Consistency

Use a Software Transactional Memory to provide Strict Serializability for Enterprise Applications.

Transparent Persistence

Application state is automatically transferred to/from the underlying storage system.


Accessing the Source Code

The source code for Fénix Framework is available from this GitHub repository. We follow a gitflow-oriented development process. To obtain the version of the code that you want, you should take into account the following branch names:

  • master (here): Fénix Framework official releases
  • develop (here): Development branch. Features are developed from this branch on forks of the main repository
  • cloudtm/master (here): Fénix Framework releases customised for the Cloud-TM project.
  • cloudtm/develop (here): Development branch for the Cloud-TM project’s specific features.

During the second half of 2012, Fénix Framework has undergone a significant refactoring, in which we added the concept of a Backend. Each concrete backend is a replaceable sub-module of the framework that provides the bindings from the DML model to a concrete transaction system and a concrete data storage system. Above all, this allows the programmer to replace one backend with another without having to rewrite any of the application code. This is possible because the code generators provided by each backend maintain a common API for the generated code. This and many other core changes have led to the release of Fénix Framework 2.0.

However, not all features from Fénix Framework 1.x we’re initially ported to the new architecture. We intend to integrate all those features, but, until that happens, the master branch will be dedicated to releases of versions 1.x, as this is the version used, in production, by all applications that are deployed using the Fénix Framework. Versions 1.x will only support the JVSTM on top of a MySQL database. The already release version 2.0 supports only the backends used in the Cloud-TM project, as porting all the 1.x codebase was more complex. That has been achieved and is already in the development branch, ready to be included in release 2.1. Hence, from release 2.1 upwards, the framework fully supersedes the functionality of versions 1.x.


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